My talk at the CDTM Inspire & Dine

It took a friend of mine from Hong Kong of all places to help me discover the Center for Digital Technology and Management, a cooperation between the two Munich universities. Yesterday I was invited to give a talk at their Inspire & Dine event. I talked about what I see as the opportunities for entrepreneurship in the 21st century and invited the participants to think outside the box.

Lin Kayser: The Role of Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century (Inspire&Dine @CDTM)

“If you’re thinking about your next great thing – Think international, think of developing countries, and think of the massive problems our world has to solve without pushing them aside.” Lin Kayser, founder of IRIDAS, and, points out the enormous challenge of climate change, a problem we understate as we struggle to grasp its immense significance, and to the opportunities in developing economies to be part of the solution.