Lin Kayser is a Munich-based serial entrepreneur. He has spent most of his life in “startup mode” and worked in diverse industries, spanning from industrial automation to image processing technologies for Hollywood.

Lin frequently speaks at local and international events about sustainability, bold entrepreneurship and the future of technology.

Through his research and investment companies COGLOBO and K7 Ventures, Lin invests in fields such as robotics, advanced materials, underwater exploration and knowledge organization.

After several years of research and development, Lin co-founded Hyperganic Technologies AG in 2017 to build a software ecosystem for the future of manufacturing.

In 2011, he established a non profit foundation, the Kayser Forum for Sustainability, to raise awareness for environmental issues. In November 2014, he presented a new project, Eleza.org, an initiative to build a platform for sharing solutions to the challenges of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

From 2000 to 2011, Lin contributed to the digital revolution in the film industry through his company, IRIDAS, which pioneered many innovations in digital film processing technology.

In late 2011, IRIDAS was acquired by Adobe and Lin joined as Director of Engineering, where he led the teams that developed products such as Adobe Premiere, SpeedGrade and After Effects. In December 2014, Lin left Adobe to focus on his own ventures.

Lin is an active mentor for first-time entrepreneurs graduating from the entrepreneurship programs of the local universities.

When he travels, he usually has a camera glued to his hand. In another life, he would be a full-time photographer.