Introducing – a platform to share solutions to global challenges

A year ago, I attended Jim Clark’s World Technology Summit for the first time. On the second day, Jim invited us to take part in an experiment. “We have a lot of bright people in this room”, he said, “why don’t I give you a tough problem to solve and see what happens.” Like world hunger, which was the topic.

After being briefed by experts from the UN and other organizations, we broke out into working group. I chaired a group about reducing food waste. During the discussions, we realized that there are already a million solutions out there, but there is no organized way of accessing them.

I thought about this for a year and realized, that this is a general problem. Access to general knowledge is easy thanks to platforms like Wikipedia. But when it comes to best practices and solutions, we are still living in the age of Gutenberg.

So in summer of this year, I decided to start working on it. I call the platform, eleza means to clarify and to explain in Swahili.

Since it was coceived at the WTN, Jim asked me to present the idea to that audience again. Here is my pitch. Now we “just need to build it”.


Talk by Lin Kayser at Jim Clark’s World Technology Netword Summit 2014 about, a platform to share solutions to global challenges.